Is iBabyVideo safe? Should you use it if you have a nanny? Will it notify you if your baby wakes up at night? How can others see your live video feed?

Leslie Thompson answered these and many other questions about iBabyVideo during a recent interview with on air personalities Brian Estridge and Amy Chodroff of WBAP News Talk 820AM | 96.7 FM. They covered everything from safety concerns to the portability of the Web-based baby monitor, as well as creative (even silly) ideas for using the service. Leslie also explains how parents can set the audio and motion detection levels so they will automatically receive a push notification to their mobile device is the baby moves or makes a sound, even when parents are not watching the live video. Click the image to hear the full interview, or read the transcript below.

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This is the WBAP Tuesday morning news, on News Talk 820AM and 96.7FM.

Brian: Well, there’s an app for that. It seems like there’s an app for everything – even one that will help you raise your little baby and keep an eye on her. Did you have a monitor, Amy, when you were raising your two little girls?

Amy: Yes, I did. And I always had to put it in the other room or turn it down, because I couldn’t stand hearing every single sound. It would keep me up all night!

Brian: The cooing and things like that. Was it just a sound monitor, or was it a video monitor, too?

Amy: They didn’t have the video ones back then.

Brian: We even had one that was a pad that you would put under the mattress and it would sense whether the baby was breathing or not, and if the baby stopped breathing the alarm would go off. You probably can overanalyze these things and be a little too protective.

Well, Leslie Thompson joins us right now – she may have the answer to all of those issues that we have as parents. It’s called iBaby. It’s a video app that works with your iPhone – also can work on the Android system as well. She joins us right now – good morning, Leslie. How are you?

Leslie: Good morning to you! And I need to correct you really quick, it’s called iBabyVideo.

Brian: Oh, I gotta say it right – iBabyVideo. There we go. Explain exactly what this iBabyVideo does.

Leslie: What it is, it’s a Web-based video baby monitor. You go to the website,, and create an account, and that is linked to the webcam that you put in the nursery, or wherever your baby is. Then, when you start broadcasting from that webcam through your account, you can go to any other computer or laptop – you can be at the office – or you can use your iPhone, your iPod Touch, your iPad, and soon the Android to see what’s happening in the nursery. You link into your nursery webcam.

Brian: So, you actually use an Internet-based webcam. You don’t actually have to buy the baby an iPhone, right?

Leslie: [laughing] Not yet!

Brian: You use your existing webcam, right?

Leslie: Exactly.

Amy: Is this good for people who, say, have a caretaker at home and they’re at work – or they have a nanny and need to see what’s going on with the kids?

Leslie: It’s not so much a nanny-cam for spying on the nanny as it is that you don’t want to miss those precious moments in the baby’s first weeks and months. A lot of households have two career couples, and maybe both parents have to work. Or even if just one parent has to work, you want to be able to check in on the baby and see the baby’s laugh, maybe hear the first words or watch those first steps while you’re at the office or even traveling across the country.

Brian: And you can share this with other folks, right – grandparents, things like that? Here’s one thing that scares me – Leslie, I’m sure you’ll eliminate my fear. I worry about other people being able to hack into this thing and seeing the kid.

Leslie: It is totally encrypted – the same way as if you were to go online and do your online banking. When that data is transmitted it is encrypted, so you can’t access that video feed unless you have the password and username that would authorize you as a user.

Amy: Is there any other use for this? I mean, at night, when I’m sleeping in my room and I want to hear when the baby gets up – is there anything that will help me with that?

Leslie: Yes! What it does is that you can set it to send what are called push notifications. You can set certain levels for audio and motion detection, and that way when the webcam is on your baby, even when the baby is sleeping at night – maybe keep a dim light on in the room – if the baby maybe stands up in the crib or cries, makes a sound, if you’ve got your iPhone or your iPad right next to your bed, it will send a push notification that says, baby’s doing something, pay attention, and wake you up so you can go check on the child.

Amy: You don’t really need those monitors that you get at the store anymore.

Leslie: No. The great thing is this one goes from room to room with you – especially, again, if you have a mobile device. If you’re in the kitchen cooking, you can set up your mobile device right next to wherever you are. Or, again, if you’re maybe out running errands, you can just peek in.

With the baby monitors, a lot of times you can’t get a clear signal – you get interference with the signal – or you only have one device that you can use in one room. So, this goes wherever you go. And, you don’t have to watch the streaming video all of the time because of the push notifications. And, as Brian mentioned, you can share it with family and friends and give them authorization to get their own viewer account to see the baby’s video feed from the nursery. So, if grandma and grandpa live out of state, they can still tune in and see their little grandchild growing up.

Brian: I just wonder if I can use this on my deer lease. [laughing] Leslie, it’s called iBabyVideo – I was thinking it could be called i-16-year-old-video, too.

Leslie: [laughing] Well, we intend it specifically for infants and toddlers, but I’m sure people will get creative in how they use it. My husband had the same idea for the deer lease. He’s the one who invented it – Craig Thompson. He’s a technology entrepreneur and comes up with ideas like this in the shower all the time.

Brian: Leslie, how can folks download it?

Leslie: You go to, and that’s where you would create your user account, and then you can download the iPhone or iPad app for free in the iTunes app store.

Brian: Super. What a neat deal. iBabyVideo. Thank you, Leslie.

Leslie: Thank you, guys!

Brian: Leslie Thompson joining us here this morning. 7:23 on WBAP.

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    I’m already unproductive enough…I’m afraid having this at my fingertips might get me fired! :) What a great way to be able to check in on your little one no matter where you are.

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