iBabyVideo™ is the fast, easy and secure way to monitor your baby wherever you are. When you log onto iBabyVideo.com™, you can see what’s happening in the nursery from any computer with an Internet connection — or even from your mobile device! The Web-based service is free. You just create an account, hook up your nursery webcam, and you’re good to go. You can also download the iBabyVideo app, so you can view your video feed on your iPhone or iPad. Because there’s no software to install, set up is easy:

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Step 1 – Register for a new account at iBabyVideo.com.

You will need to create a FREE account on iBabyVideo to begin using the service. During the registration process, you will set up your Parent Account with your username and password. Your username will be the email address that you use for the account, and you can select your own password. When you set up your Parent Account, you will automatically be assigned an additional Viewer Account, which uses the same username and password. You will use the Parent Account to connect to your webcam and set the audio and video levels. You will use the Viewer Account to log onto iBabyVideo.com from any other computer and see what’s happening in the nursery.

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Step 2 – Set up your computer and webcam.

To use iBabyVideo, you will need to place a computer with an Internet connection and a webcam in your baby’s room. Most webcams plug into a PC or Mac using a USB connector, and you can attach the camera to the top of the monitor screen or to a separate stand. You can also use a wireless webcam, and many laptop computers come with a webcam built in. Whichever type of computer you are using, you will want to position the camera so it has a clear view of your baby’s crib. Be sure to keep electrical cords out of the way, and place your computer and webcam in a location that you can access easily but won’t pose a danger to your little one.

If you are using a stand-alone webcam attached to a PC or Mac, you will need to install the camera software per the manufacturer’s instructions. For laptop computers, you should simply be able to launch the webcam application. Once your webcam has been installed or activated, be sure to test the camera to ensure that you can see video on your computer, and adjust the framing and resolution as needed.

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Step 3 – Connect to iBabyVideo.com.

Now that your webcam is up and running, it’s time to log into iBabyVideo.com and set the audio and video levels for your account. To do this, log in with the username and password for your Parent Account. Then, select the tab to Start Broadcast.

On this screen, you can select the Video Source for your webcam, and the Audio Source for the microphone on your webcam or your computer. To the right, you can slide the bottles to set the audio and motion detection levels. These levels determine when iBabyVideo should send you a push notification about activity in the nursery, for example if your baby starts crying or stands up in the crib. Finally, you can choose to Record Motion Events. When you select this option, iBabyVideo will begin to capture the live video and save a video file to your account when activity in the nursery breaks the audio or motion detection levels that you have selected, giving you a video record of the activity. You can view or delete the motion events files by selecting the tab for Saved Videos.

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Step 4 – Enjoy iBabyVideo Online Monitoring.

After you have set the controls for your Parent Account, you are ready to go! Whenever you want to use the iBabyVideo monitoring service, simply turn on the computer and webcam on in the nursery and log into the Parent Account to activate the video feed. Then, you can log into iBabyVideo.com from any other computer with an Internet connection using the same username and password for Viewer Account. Whether you’re in the living room, at the office, or in another city, you can log into iBabyVideo and check up on your little one. And when you or a loved one is there to spend time with your baby, you can simply log off from the Parent Account in the nursery and shut down your computer.

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Step 5 – Share the Experience

Would you like for your spouse, parents, or other family members to see the video feed from your baby’s room, too? Invite them to sign up for a free Viewer Account! Just click the Invite Others tab on the control panel after you have logged in, and you can send an email invitation to your loved ones. (Be sure to tell them about the iBabyVideo mobile app, too!) Additional Viewer Accounts require approval from the Parent Account, and you can also revoke viewing privileges, meaning that you are always in control over who can see your video feed. Each Viewer Account will have a unique username and password, and because the video feed is password protected and encrypted, you can feel confident that your information stays private.

iBabyVideo is the easy, secure and cost-effective solution to monitor your baby wherever you are. Click the Sign Up Now button to get started!

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