I had the wonderful privilege this morning of doing a live interview with KRLD News Radio (1080 AM) in Dallas, TX, to talk about iBabyVideo. I explained how Craig came up with the idea (which made him blush), and how new advances in technology made it possible to develop a portable video baby monitor that goes where you go. You can hear the three-minute segment by clicking on the player below. (Good thing it wasn’t live television — I’m not so pretty at 8:30am on a Saturday morning!)

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HOST: A North Texas man and woman have invented a way for you to watch your baby live on the Internet from anywhere in the world. Leslie Thompson of Lewisville says that you can keep tabs on your child in high-def video with a new service called iBabyVideo.com.

Leslie, good morning to you and welcome to the program. If you sign up for the service, you’ll get what, live streaming video of your baby and it’s safe, right?

LESLIE: That’s absolutely right. You can go to iBabyVideo.com and set up a subscription account, and that lets you broadcast from your nursery webcam to your account and you can log in from any other computer, your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and soon the Android and see what’s happening in the nursery.

HOST: This has got to be really peace of mind for moms and dads out there, right? Am I correct in that — have you been getting any feedback?

LESLIE: Absolutely. It’s super convenient. A lot of moms will just go into another room, their home office or the kitchen downstairs — dads of course, too — to do some work and it just helps you use it as a home baby video monitor. But then a lot of couples, both parents have to work. And even if they have somebody very responsible taking care of the baby, they want to just be able to check in and make sure everything is fine.

HOST: You know, this sounds like a million-dollar idea. How did you guys come up with this?

LESLIE: I have to give all the credit to my husband, Craig. He is a technology entrepreneur — and honestly, I have to keep him out of the shower. Everytime he takes a shower, he has a new idea.

He had seen me looking at my iPhone and his iPad watching YouTube videos of our family members — we’ve got lots of nieces and nephews all over the country, and I was always checking out pictures and videos of the little babies that are spread out all over. He thought, how great would it be to get live video of family members and new babies over the iPhone or iPad? Then he thought, well, that would be a really good idea for a baby monitor.

So, he’s been working tirelessly for about 10 months with our developers, and we finally made it happen.

HOST: You mentioned that this is going to be available on all sorts of platforms — you know, the iPhone, the iPad, smart phones — I’m really fascinated by the technology component of all that. Things are so much more convenient these days as compared to years gone by. You guys have really got to be pleased to see the developments that have come about.

LESLIE: Absolutely. It’s really neat, because there was a time that just having a walkie talkie style audio home monitor was a big deal. Now, the fact that you can carry a live streaming video monitor with you from room to room or across town with you, across the country — just pull up your iPhone, iPad, Android any time and get live, streaming video from a webcam that you set up — it’s just remarkable what technology can do.

HOST: Outstanding. Leslie Thompson of Lewisville on the line with us. Again, it’s iBabyVideo.com. A north Texas couple have invented a way for you to watch your baby live on the Internet from anywhere in the world. Sports is coming up next…

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  1. Jim Hoofnagle September 6, 2010 at 8:11 am #

    Big T. Leslie, Great Idea. Congratulations. Take more showers. Jim & Leigh

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