Setting up your iBabyVideo™ account and your webcam for online video monitoring is easy. If you need help, please refer to the topic list below for answers to common questions. Can’t find what you’re looking for? Send a note to our Customer Support team here.


How much does it cost to use iBabyVideo?
The Web-based service is free. You just create an account, hook up your nursery webcam, and you’re good to go. You can also download the mobile application for $12.99 from the Apple store, so you can view your video feed on your iPhone or iPad.

Is iBabyVideo safe?
Yes! Parents often are concerned that a stranger could have access to their baby’s video feed. Safety is something that we take very seriously at iBabyVideo. Data that is transmitted through™ and our iPhone and iPad apps is encrypted, so it cannot be accessed by anyone unless they have an authorized viewer account with a username and password. As the parent account holder, you maintain complete control over who can and cannot see your video feed or saved videos

My webcam isn’t working.
If your webcam is not working in iBabyVideo, make sure that no other program is using the webcam. Also, double-check that all cables are plugged in appropriately.

If you are certain the camera is not in use by another program, you’ve checked the cables, and you still cannot see the video feed from your webcam after logging into your parent account on, we recommend restarting your computer.

After restarting, test your webcam using the software program that came with the camera. If your webcam is still not functioning, you may need to re-install the webcam software. If you do not have the original software disc, most manufacturers provide easy downloads on their website for the newest software that runs their webcams.

My webcam was fine but has now stopped working.
If your webcam was working but now is not recognized, make sure no cables have come loose. If the webcam still doesn’t work, try simply restarting your computer. Still no video? You may need to download a software update from your webcam’s manufacturer website, or contact the manufacturer’s Customer Support team.

I’ve logged into and clicked “allow” for my webcam but still don’t see any video.

Check the drop down menu for Video & Audio Source and make sure that you have the proper device selected for both. If you have multiple devices installed on your computer you may see options that are not the webcam that you have in your nursery.

My video feed looks bad.
We have tested many webcams successfully and find that most give a good picture if provided enough light. Light sources behind your crib, be it a light or a window will cause the picture to darken considerably. Consider moving the light source, crib or the direction that the camera is aiming into the crib so as to eliminate the back lighting on your crib. Also, bear in mind that iBabyVideo requires a high speed Internet connection for high quality video broadcast and viewing.

I forgot my password.
Happens to the best of us. Click here to reset your password.

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